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As well as doing architecture, there’s also researching and writing about it. Dave does most of the writing & his research is mostly centred on three areas.

Firstly, he’s interested in multicultural & migrant architecture in Australia (what are Third World-Looking Buildings, & what are they doing in the suburbs?). His current ARC Grant is to study Architecture and industry: the migrant contribution to nation-building.

Secondly, with Dr. Sambit Datta, he’s investigating the architectonics of ancient Hindu temples in South and Southeast Asia (why does a temple in Cambodia resemble one in Java or India?). Their book Digital Archetypes has been published by Ashgate Publishing.

Thirdly, just out of curiosity, he’s looking at the influence of popular culture on contemporary Asian cities (why does a Thai bank building look like a robot?).

For answers to these questions & many others, read on.

Ethno-Architecture and the Politics of Migration
Architecture, identity and cultural sustainablity in contemporary Southeast Asian cities
Festivals & Music
Graeme Gunn Architecture Gold Medallist
Cultural Sustainability Multicultural Built Environments
Cannibal Tastes
Centres On The Edge
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Melbourne's Third World Looking Architecture
So Flat So Cute
Traces Cultures Pre-Angkorean
Dancing About Architecture
Architecture, Multiculturalism and Cultural Sustainability
Defining Cultural Sustainability in Multicultural Built Environments

digital archetypes book
digital archetypes

Sambit Datta & David Beynon
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suburban fantasies writing
suburban fantasies

ed. Long, Shaw, Merlo
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super flat architecture
Mechademia 7, 2012

ed. Frenchy Lunning
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ethno architecture writings

ed. Mirjana Lozanovska
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music festival writings
every day's a festival

ed. Küchler, Kürti & Elkadi
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suburban fantasies writings
Volume 44, Number 2, 2010

ed. Ting, Macknight
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